Striving to Create the Most Captivating and
Unforgettable Gaming Experiences.

Frostburn Studios is a game development and publishing studio with a mission to deliver the most comprehensive and enjoyable gaming experiences. Frostburn is currently focused on the development of its flagship title, Heroes of Newerth, which touts intense, session-based, multiplayer action and delivers fast-paced, high-octane, gameplay that can't be experienced elsewhere.

With a tight-knit team backed by years of industry experience, Frostburn Studios continues to serve the community and redefine gaming experiences for all.

The Team

  • Lead Game Designer

  • Multimedia

  • Graphic & Web Designer

  • James Reinke

  • Stephen Nelson

  • Jason Elkins

  • Technical Producer

  • Operations Director

  • Game Designer

  • Narrative Director

  • Controller-Finance

  • Technical Designer

Born in the Heart of Kalamazoo, Michigan


242 E. Kalamazoo Ave.
Suite 104
Kalammazoo, MI 49007

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